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I live in New England where the summers are hot, the winters are cold, and the fall is beautiful. I have three cats that make the best models.   Sweet Becky, (the oldest), Tom, (my personal favorite. He's black and white),  and Tara, (who is sweet looking, but so fresh).

I've been creating some type of art most of my life, but I always seem to go back to painting. My style of art would be considered folk art, but with more detail and my own style. I incorporate warmth, feeling and sometimes humor into each painting. I have been experimentng with different styles lately and am loving it.

Some of my art is painted on wood as it adds character to the finished piece, while others are painted on canvas for a different look. I enjoy painting landscapes but  have also done some abstract art  which great fun and lets me be creative.

I am offering high quality lithograph  prints of my original work. Each print is signed by me. Quantities available from my web site are limited. On occasion, I do offer original artwork.

You can also find prints of my artwork in many specialty shops throughout the country. In addition to lithographs, there are pillows, throws, stationary, wallpaper borders, and much more. Feel free to check my 'Licensing' page.

All images  © Dotty Chase